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Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation (C1 Ivory)
Being part of foundation trials can always be very hit or miss when you’re pale – as many Australian foundations available err on the side of being too dark or too tan for pale skin. I was very impressed with the neutral undertone of this product, and found it to be a perfect colour match!

Being a natural product, this product may seperate in between uses, however a good shake had the foundation back to normal and ready to use. The product comes out of the bottle with almost a mousse like consistency – it’s definitely a liquid product, but a little thicker and more voluminous than most lightweight liquid foundations.

Two pumps gave a light to medium coverage all over the face, with a third pump giving enough product to create a more buildable finish over blemishes or redness. In general this product gave a light coverage that evened out texture and redness. It set onto the skin with a soft consistency without feeling tacky or sticky to the touch.

Once set with a quick mist or a translucent powder this product will last throughout a busy work day, with a quick touch up required on warmer days on any problem areas (for me this is the t-zone and nose).

Perfecting Concealer (01 Ivory)
To begin, this concealer is a fantastic colour – a great neutral base with a slight pink undertone that gives medium coverage but also brightens. It’s a liquid formulation, but slightly thicker and tackier which allows for a heavier coverage over blemishes and redness. This product blends well with fingers, sponge, or brush application but I found it had better longevity when applied with a synthetic brush.

In comparison to other liquid concealers I’ve tried I found that this stays tackier on the skin for longer and needs a little more time to set. Because of this I’d avoid using it under the eye area as its prone to creasing.

The packaging is the only part of this product that needs a little work, the design itself looks great but doesn’t store well. Upon receiving the product it was already leaking out of the packaging and the lid was full of concealer. Despite cleaning this up the next time I went to use the product the lid was again full of concealer. I wouldn’t recommend travelling with this product as I can see it leaking all throughout your suitcase! When storing make sure you keep the lid directly in the air to minimise any leakage.


Liquid Foundation Brush
I’m personally not a big fan of using flat foundation brushes, and will always be more inclined to reach for a beauty sponge or a flat top kabuki to blend my foundation, however this brush was a pleasure to use.

The brush is dense, but definitely pliable. The product sits on the brush allowing greater coverage and application, instead of the product absorbing into the bristles. The bristles themselves are soft and don’t leave any streaking marks when paired back with the Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation.

The tip of the brush is perfect for getting into narrow areas of the face, such as around and under the nose.

The design of the brush itself is aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to use. The dark colour way is perfect when dealing with face products! The material is easy to clean and doesn’t stain, ensuring your brush will always look display ready.

Please note that these products were gifted as part of a trail with Beauty Heaven in exchange for an honest review. These reviews were originally posted on the Beauty Heaven site: here, here & here.

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